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Why Choose Electric Heating

Why You Should Choose An Electric Heating Solution

Use the latest modern cutting edge technology used to heat your home. Accurate individual room heat control combined with break throughs in German electric radiator construction gives you complete control over your energy consumption and comfort.

Domestic heating is currently one of the most expensive and least efficient areas of home technology. Gas heating and old storage heaters become out of date very quickly, creating financial headaches and environmental concerns for their users. Now you can finally enjoy precise control, comfort, and efficiency by installing the very latest in electric heating technology.

Electric Is The Future Of Heating

Electric is the fuel of the future for heating requirements. Dwindling supplies of north sea gas, the uncertainty of imported gas supplies, the volatility of oil prices and the commitment to reduce the U.K. carbon footprint all point towards electricity as the fuel of the future.

The government has set a clear path towards a lower carbon future, with electricity to be generated by nuclear power and sustainable sources e.g. wind power, solar energy, wave power etc. Electric heating is 100% efficient and carbon neutral at the point of use, and with electricity being generated by nuclear and renewable sources in the future it will become completely carbon neutral. The government also promotes the use of microgeneration technologies e.g solar panels, photovoltaics and wind turbines. Electric heating appliances are compatible with all these technologies and as more low carbon and renewable sources of electricity become available we will increasingly see electric heating being favoured over gas..

Should you switch from a gas boiler to electric heating system?

If the incredible environmental benefits, costs, cleanliness and efficiency of an electric radiator installation weren't enough. Consider that with electric you have no unsightly pipework, no maintenance, no inspections, no potential carbon monoxide concerns or expensive boiler to worry about. Electric is a sound choice.

Only top quality materials are used for all our products, together with well thought out technological advancement to give optimum performance.

The design will adapt and integrate with any décor scheme. Our radiators come as standard with a wireless electronic room thermostat. This system allows for the pre-setting of heating times and comfort & economy temperature setting. Each day of the week can have different settings if required. A wide range of radiator sizes and heat outputs ensures that each radiator is just right for each room in the home or office.

Our radiators provide heat exactly where you want at exactly the times you want. No more trying to predict the weather with old-fashioned night storage heaters

With no exposed elements, our radiators don't dry the air like night storage heaters or convectors. Radiant and convection heat is provided ensuring a cosy warmth. All installations are undertaken by our own trained and qualified electricians to ensure quality and service

Fitters worked hard, were polite and tidy. The heating system is great! - Mrs Weaving, Ballantrae KA26