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Storage Heater Replacements

If you're currently living with older storage heaters you know how frustrating they can be!
It's hard to get the comfortable heat you want when you want it.
Traditional storage heaters popular in the 1960’s and 70’s work by 'storing up' heat during the night inside bricks within the heater and then expelling that heat during the day.
  • You have to predict the weather - if the weather is warmer than expected you've spent money on heat you don't need
  • Similarly, if it's colder than expected and you haven't charged the heater up overnight, you have to wait until the evening again to recharge!
  • You can't control the heat effectively - limited heat control means you're often too hot
  • Storage heaters are often large and overbearing, ruining the look of a nicely decorated room!

If you're currently living with old storage heaters it might be time to consider a modern, efficient, highly controllable alternative
Imagine being able to heat your home to a perfect warmth and comfort in a low-cost efficient manner all year round…
Now you can with a new generation in electric heating technology.

German Quality And Manufacturing

All our radiators are manufactured in Germany which as we know is renowned for its quality products that are designed to last.

Extensive research has been conducted by laboratories and in homes to determine the optimum design for an electric radiator. Out of that research comes a radiator using the very latest in electric heating technology operating at 100% efficiency.

Fireclay Heat Plates

Inside each of our heaters is a fireclay core plate. Each plate is made up of an element and multiple plates combine together to supply your home with the perfect level of heat.
These plates then transmit the heat into the metal casing and flutes, radiating your room with a glowing warmth. As an extra benefit with this type of German radiator heat is also transferred via convection through the hollow flutes.
This powerful combination ensures you and your family stay warm and comfortable in any weather.

Accurate Control

With our electronic thermostats not only are you able to adjust the heat to your perfect comfort level at any moment but you are also able to preset different temperatures at different times and days depending on your lifestyle and the seasons.
The thermostat accurately monitors your room temperature at all times and will automatically turn on or off to keep the room at your preset temperature. This accurate and automatic room by room adjustment means you are only consuming energy when you really need it. You can also if you wish control your heaters over WiFi with our heating app.

After Care and Our Promise

We are determined that you should be absolutely delighted with your new heating system.
    • We’ll show you how to operate the system to suit your lifestyle and requirements - From everyday use to family visiting and days away from home
    • We’ll make sure your heating is set up for optimal comfort and minimal cost
    • Got a question? - Simply call us at any time after the installation and we’ll be more than happy to help with anything you need.
    • Our guarantee - All our radiators are guaranteed for 15 years with 2 years on electrical components so you can have the peace of mind knowing your home will have the comfort and warmth you need for years to come.
    Many of our happy customers tell us that not only were our heaters the most competitively priced compared to other suppliers but that they are also easier to use and our staff are very friendly and happy to help.
    Why not fill our simple, quick form and one of our team will call you back

Radiator Sizes

Our modern radiators can be fitted almost anywhere. We offer a range of sizes to suit any room.
From standard height radiators for heating living rooms and bedrooms, to our tall and low profile range for conservatories, outbuildings, loft conversions and places where space is a premium.
Not forgetting our highly efficient bathroom radiators, because who wants a cold bathroom on a winters morning!

Standard Height Radiators630mm highOur most popular size. They look like a conventional “wet” system radiator, and like all Electric Combination Radiators heat up and operate like “wet” system radiators. All standard Radiators are 630mm high and 70mm in depth.100%
Tall Vertical Radiators1240mm highAt trusted heating we realise that not every home is suited to standard size Radiators and as a result we have created a number of different space saving heating solutions. From as little as 380mm wide you can buy a Radiator to efficiently and effectively heat your home. This stylish and elegant range is available in 3 outputs and offers the same benefits as Standard Height Radiators, with the added attraction of space saving features.100%
Low Profile & Conservatory Radiators340mm highTo compliment your existing heating system we have produced a selection of Electric Radiators to heat your conservatory. At only 340mm high you have the facility to place your radiator anywhere within your conservatory or sunroom. We offer 4 outputs within this range from 500 watt to 2000 watt.100%
Bathroom Radiators630mm highThe most popular choice is the 600 watt Standard Radiator type. All our Bathroom Radiators are IPX4 rated to comply with current regulations100%

Why Choose Trusted Heating?

Why Trusted Heating in a sound choice for your electric home heating requirments
We take pride in the quality of our radiators and our customer care. From the moment you speak to us, you'll feel confident with our experience, friendly nature and dedication to customer care.
Trusted Heating does not believe in a 'hard sell' we prefer to treat everyone with the utmost courtesy and respect whether you become a customer or not.
Many ask why do we conduct a home survey?
A home survey is when one of our experienced engineers will come to your home at a time convenient for you to assess your heating requirements. It's crucial to get the correct radiator for the room size and your heating needs.
These electric radiators are a fantastic modern storage heater alternative but it's important to get the right size to get the maximum benefits from this new technology.
Home surveys are completely free, with no obligation whatsoever.
Our friendly and experienced engineer will
  • Assess your heating needs
  • Survey each room for size and door/window location
  • Analyse your existing system
  • Suggest radiator sizes
  • Give you a price
  • Leave you to consider your options
It really is as simple as that, if you find the radiators, pricing and service promise agreeable then we'd love to welcome you as a customer. If not then that's absolutely fine too! We want you to be perfectly happy whether you choose us or another supplier.
Click the green button to fill our quick fact-finding form, and let's see how we can help you get that comforting, controllable, warmth in your home this winter

These work extremely efficiently even on the coldest of days and we have been very pleased with the result - Margaret Findlay, Blantyre G72