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Your Frequently Asked Questions

1How efficient are electric heaters?
Our electric heaters are 100% efficient! It's hard to believe, but every single Watt of electricity is converted to heat. Nothing is wasted. Meaning every penny you spend on heating actually goes to heating your home. Combine this with accurate temperature control and you can see what a cost-effective solution these are for home heating.
2Are your radiators guaranteed?
Yes! we offer a 15 year guarantee on to the heating elements and body of the radiator and a 2 year guarantee to the electronics: wireless thermostat & receiver.
3Are they good storage heater replacements?
Our heaters are a perfect replacement for existing storage heaters. Storage heaters require an overnight charge, whereas our heaters can be used any part of the day or night. These radiators are designed to run on standard electricity tariffs however special tariffs are available offering low-cost electricity overnight, during the day and evening.
4How much do they cost to install?
Installation is very low cost and we'll give you a unique quote for your specific heating requirements.
5What sizes do your electric radiators come in?
We offer a selection of different radiator sizes to suit a variety of situations: From 340mm tall conservatory heaters to 1240mm tall vertical heaters. Whatever the room we'll heat it!
6How do I know your electric heaters are safe?
Recent tests have confirmed that the product is manufactured to the very latest European safety standards achieving both CE and GS marks and VDE approval for quality of the components and manufacturing.
7How electric heaters work
The Heart of the heating system is a refractory block combining a unique storage material with modern design and technology, creating a highly efficient heating unit. Within each fireclay refractory heat plate is a low wattage heating element, heating the block from the inside. No exposed element to dry the air. The fluted design provides a large surface area in a small space. If you were to pull the fluted steel flat it would be around 4 times the length! It is therefore very efficient at creating radiant heat without the need for huge radiators. The large, rounded flutes ensure airflow through the radiator to create strong convection.
8Why should I book a home survey?
Unlike our competitors, we would rather not supply you with anything than install the wrong heaters for your home.By booking a home survey at a convenient time for you, one of our friendly and highly experienced engineers will visit your home to assess your heating requirements. He will take some measurements, survey each room and inspect your existing system. Then, will ask you a few questions to determine the precise size of radiators needed to give you the level of comfort and warmth you need whilst keeping running costs as low as possible. You’ll then have an accurate price and all the information you need to make a sound decision.If you don’t have a home survey then there is a very real danger of installing the wrong size heater for the room size, height and features. Install a heater that's too small and it will be operating very inefficiently trying to maintain the temperature demands costing you more to run day to day Install a heater that's too large and you'll be using up space unnecessarily within your room and spending more than you need to to get the warmth you want. So it’s very important for you to get exactly the right size of heater.Rest assured our number one priority is to make sure you have the most effective heating solution available and that your running costs are as low as possible. We want you to be absolutely delighted with your new heating system for years to come, so you and your family can enjoy the warmth and comfort that comes from a modern electric heating system.We guarantee your satisfaction, we'll ensure your room is heated to the precise temperature that you enjoy. Book your home survey today and start to enjoy the warmth, comfort and control from a new electric heating system right away.
9What does the survey involve?
After you request a survey via our quick form, we'll contact you to arrange a good time for us to visit. Then we'll come and take a look at your property. Our experienced engineers will look at things like the existing heating system, room size, layout. We'll then carefully help you choose the right radiators for the room. Give you a custom price and leave you to decide. No pressure and all very friendly.
10Do your heaters offer WiFi control?
Yes! Our heaters have the option of WiFi control via an app on your phone.

These work extremely efficiently even on the coldest of days and we have been very pleased with the result - Margaret Findlay, Blantyre G72