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7 Reasons To Replace Storage Your Heaters

7 Reasons to Replace Your Storage Heaters

Storage heaters were once the go-to heating service as an alternative to gas central heating. Now however, they have become out of date and here are seven reasons why you should replace your storage heater with a modern electric radiator.

1. The Environment

Storage heaters require a colossal amount of power, costing you money and eating electricity. They also produce a type of dry heat which is high in carbon, bad for your health and especially risky for those with asthma. Modern radiators only need enough power to meet the desired temperature, making them energy efficient. They also produce a better quality of heat that does not have a negative effect on the air around them.

2. Cost Savings

Storage heaters are not just inefficient but expensive. They run on the Economy 7 tariff which charges for the power a storage heater uses even after it has reached the desired temperature. Most electric radiators are now designed for efficient power usage so that they are less expensive to run. Although there have been financial incentives introduced to try and lower the costs of storage heaters, the sheer amount of power they use generally wipes away any savings on low tariffs.

3. Flexibility

The way a storage heater works is you turn it on and in theory you can then leave it running. What you can’t do is vary the temperature, and by turning it off you then have to wait ages for it to reach full power before it will heat the house again. With modern technology, electric radiators offer much more flexibility in terms of temperature and power usage. Each radiator can be altered so that different rooms can have different settings. They’re also quick to heat up so you can turn them on and off as and when you need. Our radiators can be fitted to any room.

4. Accurate Heat Control

Without being able to vary the temperature or turn a storage heater off when you need to, you are unable to intervene if they are costing too much money or making the house too hot. Modern radiators allow for that kind of control, giving you more control over when and how much they heat the house.

5. Reliability

Storage heaters are not just expensive, they are unreliable. How much heat they provide is entirely due to size and their heat tends to hang around high up in the room, which is fairly useless if you want to sit down. Modern radiators are designed to heat rooms efficiently as well as cheaply and their size does not matter.

6. Modern Style

Most storage heaters currently used are not only bulky and outdated but downright unattractive. Not only do they take up a lot of space but they weren’t designed to be pleasing to the eye. Storage heaters used today haven’t been updated since the Second World War, which is where most of them date from. Not only do recent electric radiators take up less space but they are also attractive and stream lined in appearance.

7. Efficiency

The storage heater is simply not as efficient as the electric radiator. Heaters cannot be adjusted to reflect the current weather, meaning money is thrown away during a heat wave. Storage heaters are slow to heat up when they have been turned off and because of the way they store heat, they become less effective towards the evening, which is when they are most needed.

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